Have you had a rough life which caused anxiety and panic attacks? This lovely woman did not know how to deal with anxiety. Carrie’s Mom had sadly experienced infidelity when her husband left her. Next, Carrie had to deal with an unplanned pregnancy which brought fear and anxiety like never before. Regrettably, she had the abortion. Later on, Carrie finally understood God’s love for her. She now understands Jesus is worth following because He gave His life for her.

Each person has heard the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ and believed in it wholeheartedly.
“What is the gospel? What is the good news?”

First, you need to know the bad news to understand how good the good news really is. The bad news is that God is good and holy and so He must punish all sin. There is no sin in heaven or in God’s presence.

“What does that mean for all people? Every single person has committed some sort of sin. So does that mean we are all going to burn in hell and not go to heaven? Because if God is good He has to punish all of us sinners?”

Here is the BEST news you have EVER heard. Because God is full of mercy and grace, instead of punishing us for our sin, He punishes His Son. Even more incredible, Jesus’ perfect- sinless life (AKA His righteousness) gets accredited to our account.

“What? Could this be true? Our sin is completely forgiven because Jesus died in my place on the cross? My moral debt canceled?” – YES!
When God looks at your life, He now sees Jesus perfect life.
“So now I can go to heaven?” – YES!

Make no mistake, this is all true for the one who believes. All your good works cannot earn you heaven, rather Jesus’ work on the cross earns us heaven. All we have to do is repent (turn from our sin, be broken/sorry for our sin) and believe! Now the question is, do you believe Jesus and this good news?

Each Christian Testimony describes what it looks like to follow Jesus and be forever changed by the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. When you have saving faith, along with repentance in Jesus Christ (death, burial and resurrection) – you become a believer. You become adopted into the family of God. You begin to hate what God hates, and love what God loves. It’s almost has if you have new eyes and see the world through the cross and resurrection of Jesus.

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