by Danielle Mahlstedt

Isaiah 5:20-24
Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

“Lord, help me to love what you love and hate what you hate.” This I’ve prayed multiple times to God, as I’ve tried to overcome sin and become more and more like Him. I never realized the heaviness of this until I felt pain in the depths of me, that could only be qualified as despair, for the things of this world that defy God.

I have stayed up late with tears in my eyes; although I want to be strong I feel so vulnerable. I have been left wondering what I am capable of, in the small confines of my life, that could bring “good” to a world that seems to have changed its definition. I’m left wondering how I’m going to shield my daughter from the evil that people have accepted as good. A world that once celebrated life, now celebrates law to end it. I am left with a deep sadness. “Is this the world my daughter has to grow up in, Lord?” In the same breath, I crave, “Lord, come back. Please come back.”

It is there that my tears are met with solid Godly wisdom as my husband reminds me, “He is just.” He is just. Exhale. He is still God. He is still on His throne. He is still mighty. He is still to be revered. He doesn’t change just because the world does. Nothing surprises Him. I hold fast to that.

The only one who could wipe my tears, is the one who made me. The one who knows the depths of my heart and the pain that fills it. The one who reminds me to hold my head up and be courageous because He is holding my entire being. Though I worry that I will be met with opposition, I am reminded that not a single weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am covered. I am never alone.

The truth is, though the world’s view of good may have changed, the Lord’s has not. We can rest assured that He will come back. But until He brings us home, we must live in a world that isn’t welcoming to Christians. However, the Almighty one is with us here and now. He is within every Christian and we can rest in knowing He is for us. So, remind yourself of all that He is, and how small this world is compared to Him. Remember there is good. Rest.



You are mighty and just. You will bring justice to the unjust. You are still on your throne and I rest in the security of that. My voice may feel at times muffled by the loud voices of the evildoers, but you Lord, make me brave, and You make me able. I will proclaim your mighty works, as I have seen you do the impossible. I will stay reminded of these things. Fear and despair will not take me captive, but I will remember that the wind and waves still obey you. I will remember that nothing could ever stop you. I praise you Father, for you are always good. Let your mighty hand keep me steadfast in doing good and telling people the gift of your grace.

In Jesus’ Name,