by Andrew Sbarra

Faith needs to be fed
Because I may be dead to sin but sin ain’t dead
Every day’s a fight to starve my desires
A chance to ignore the flesh and put God higher

God’s given us His word
so eat up
Ingest until the words pour out
And you can’t shut your mouth
Because when we keep our lips closed
All we’re doing is murdering souls
By not speaking the truth of the gospel
We’re condemning the world to the morgue
skip the hospital

We’re at war
So it’s time to examine what you believe at your core
The devil’s got a gun intended for pain
I’ll happily stare down that barrel and ricochet every bullet by proclaiming Jesus’ name

Yes I’ve got struggles and I have battles but they’ve already been won with
3 nails
2 planks of wood
1 crown of thorns
And the love of God’s Son